the art of Chinese brush

Collection of WooAlive

Keep going, keep growing, alive.

– Keep going, keep growing, alive

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Collection of Woocalli

NFT is the newest form of art, Chinese calligraphy is handwriting artwork, Woocalli is a combination of traditional and newest form of art. Classic, declaration, thinking, speech, dictionary, dialogue, idiom and etc written in Chinese calligraphy, this is an alliance of wisdom, knowledge, technology and traditional art.

– Referenced from UN website

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– Inspirational speech

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– Referenced from Oxford dictionary

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A –B –C –D –E –F –G –H -I J K –LMNOPQRST -U -V –WXYZ

– Referenced from Idiom dictionary

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A –B –C –D –E –F –G –H -I J -K -L -M -N -O -P -Q -R -S -T -U -V -W -X -Y -Z

– Thought of Scorates

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– Thought of Plato

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– Countries & Regions

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– Animal Farm (selected words)

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– Keyword / Crypto 

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– The first governing document

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– A Tribute to / NFT

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– Pratical conversation (CH-EN)

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Collection of Woocalli#Oracle

This NFT is a combination of newest digital art and ancient calligraphy. Oracle bone script (Jia Gu Wen) engraved on animal bone (turtle or cow) about 4000 years ago, one of the oldest words of humankind. The art of oldest and newest, we marked in history.


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– View Tiger 

– View Elephant 

– View Turtle 

– View Snake 

– View Worm 

– View Dog 

– View Rabbit 

– View Monkey 

– View Rat 

– View Rhino 

– View Leopard 

– View Wolf 

– View Fox 

– View Chicken 

– View Bird 

– View Swallow

– View Dragon

– View Phoenix

– View Fish


– View Human

– View Father

– View Mother

– View Female

– View Male

– View Marriage

– View Birth

– View Child

– View Sibling

– View Home

Human Body

– View Eye

– View Ear

– View Mouth

– View Nose

– View Head

– View Beard

– View Heart

– View Hand

– View Leg

– View Buttock


– View Weapon

– View Defend

– View Attack


– View Sky

– View Land

– View Sun

– View Moon

– View Mountain

– View Fountain

– View Cloud

– View Rain

– View Thunder

– View Snow

– View Rainbow

– View Tree

Collection of Woocalli#Na

Names over the world selected randomly regardless of nation, race, gender and language written in Chinese calligraphy. 

Collection of Woocalli