Chinese Calligraphy is one of the oldest art on mother earth

Chinese Calligraphy is handwriting artwork

NFT is the newest form of art

Woocalli is a combination of traditional and newest form of art

Turned into NFT, all original artworks burned.

Everything can be written in Chinese calligraphy.

Some said Chinese Calligraphy is the art of line, mostly black and white.

It as simple as “1” and “0”, a good combination with digital and launch with NFT.

My work is unrestricted.

My work not belong to Chinese only, it’s the heritage of all humankind.

This is the unique and fewer art on NFT field.

If you see my work now, you are the very first to explore, you seized opportunity right now.

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I’m Woocalli

the pioneer calligraphy artist on NFT field